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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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44                        THE FATE OF MAN

sheer mockery of the poverty-stricken condition
and the slavery of great masses of men. Freedom
has created monstrous injustices. And men have
ceased to love freedom when they have become
conscious of their right to a more worthy and
more active existence. In formal democracies
freedom has become an obstacle in the way of
social reform, and now men have desired dicta-
tors, for the purpose of achieving such reform.
Dynamic liberty is not formal freedom of choice :
dynamic liberty presupposes a previous choosing
of the truth.

The natural reaction against this distorted
freedom in liberal democracies has developed into
a reaction against the eternal truth of a free human
spirit. The most liberal of democracies have
never known the spiritual bases of freedom, and
the movements now directed against democracy
have no desire to know them. Liberalism has
separated the citizen from the integral personality.
It has separated rights from responsibilities. For
in the final analysis freedom is not only rights, it
is duties as well. God has laid upon man the
duty of being free, of safeguarding freedom of
spirit, no matter how difficult that may be, or how
much sacrifice and suffering it may require. And
man is obligated to respect and regard the freedom
of his fellow-man, not only his own. There are
too many lovers of their own liberty in the world.